Friday, February 24, 2017

Empire State of Mind

Head to Toe: Top and jeans, Buffalo Exchange // Mules, Summit by White Mountain // Bag, Zara // Coat, H&M

Are you scandalized? Yes, that's me showing some ankle. It's been one of those freaky-warm weeks in NYC, and I'm taking advantage. I know we're not done with winter yet, but I'll take these few warmer days and enjoy every sockless one of them. Happy Friday, Fashionistas!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


 Head to Toe: Turtleneck, H&M // Jeans, Old Navy // Bag, Juicy Couture // Booties, Seychelles

People say that New Yorkers wear a lot of black. From my brief observations abroad, it's nothing compared to Parisians. It was rare to see someone wearing anything besides black, and even then it was usually another neutral like camel or gray. What French people don't wear, however, are berets. I have to admit to grabbing this one at a touristy shop near the Eiffel Tower, and while I couldn't wear it in Paris without labeling myself as a complete out-of-towner, I was pretty excited to rock it back home. So, in honor of Paris, I styled it here with an all-black outfit. Très chic, no?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good Jeans

Head to Toe: Blouse, Stylewe // Blazer, Thrifted // Jeans, vintage Diesel // Bag, Zara // Booties, J Shoes

Valentine's Day may be over, but it's still the month for pink. It was a springlike weekend, and the sunny weather made me want to start the week on a bright note. I actually picked the fuchsia lipstick first, then decided to throw on the matching blazer. I scored these jeans at L Train Vintage yesterday, and they just feel great. Not too tight but still flattering and perfectly pre-worn in—$20 well spent if you ask me. Have a happy Tuesday, fashionistas!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bonjour, Buongiorno: Paris & Milan Photodiary

Hello, fashionistas! Sorry for the radio silence on my end. As you can see, I just got back from a lovely trip to France and Italy. I was so lucky to be tasked with covering a footwear trade show in Milan, so I talked Sean into coming along and spending a few extra days in Paris while we were abroad. It was a long-time dream of mine to see the city of lights, and it lived up to its reputation. Luckily, a friend of mine living in Paris brought us a few places us tourists wouldn't have found on our own...But we hit up those spots too: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Arc De Triomphe (which we, admittedly, only saw from a cab). The cappuccinos were to die for, the wine cheaper than water, and I dutifully picked up a box of macarons to eat in our Airbnb. Being used to New York's tricky subway system, we found the Paris Metro relatively easy to navigate. And for the most part, people were nice enough about our lack of French. It was a quick 48 hours, so I'd love to return some day and have a little more time to really get lost in the city with a baguette and bottle of wine (since drinking in public is allowed, of course).

Next stop, Milan! I didn't have much time to explore since I was working this part of the trip, but Sean spent a day at Duomo while I got lost in the world of shoes. At the Micam trade show, I snapped shoe-candy photos and attended fashion shows and talks about the latest shoe trends. Luckily, I made a wonderful friend, a talented menswear editor from Turkey, and we had a great time walking the show. After two days of looking at as many shoes as I could handle, Sean and I spent an evening in Milan so I could see Duomo and take a selfie (obvs). We had a luxurious dinner of the best pizza and pasta I have ever tasted with a delicious bottle of wine for 20 euro. We finished the evening with a nightcap of limoncello and got ready for a long plane ride home. It was a whirlwind, indeed, but completely worth it. And while it feels great to be stateside again, Brooklyn pizza, vino and cappuccino just can't compare.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fringe Benefits

Head to Toe: Sweater, J. Crew via Thredup // Jeans, Old Navy // Shoeties, Clarks // Necklace, H&M

What a Monday! I spent the day styling a shoot for work, so my legs are aching from standing, but thankfully these Clarks are supremely comfortable, so my feet are in good shape. I'm heading to Milan for a trade show in a few days (and taking a quick pit stop in Paris), so I plan on wearing these babies all week. Being the planner that I am, I'm all packed...and, not to brag, I fit everything in a carry-on. I almost never check a bag. The secret is to wear your heaviest things there and to stick to one color palette. I also like wearing neutral shoes, like these, that can go with black, brown or navy on top. Then, plan each outfit. Just throwing in a bunch of tops and bottoms adds a lot more bulk. Just remember, you can't bring a razor on the plane. So plan on picking one up at your destination or jumping on the no-shave feminist movement. Now, a tall glass of wine and The Bachelor are calling my name. Cheers!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slam Dunk

Head to Toe: Sweater, J. Crew (via Buffalo Exchange) // Joggers, Blanc Noir // Booties, Musse & Cloud // Coat, vintage L.L. Bean

This Knicks cap was a birthday gift from Sean, and it's my new favorite thing. For anyone who's into the sportswear look, my advice is to at least be a light fan, because people—including random passersby—will quiz you on your love of the team...Be prepared to at least name your favorite player. (Side note: My favorite Knick is Melo, despite recent efforts to dump him.)

Yesterday was New York Men's Day, a cool collective of menswear presentations for NYFW Men's. I decided to go all-out sporty for the presentation and pair my hat with these cool joggers (an awesome piece of swag in my gift bag from the recent Active Collective athleisure show), but I kept it chic with the sweater and heeled booties. I can't say it enough: Long live the athleisure movement, because anything that makes sweats appropriate for work is good in my book.