Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Head to Toe: Top, Sammydress // Jacket, Buffalo Exchange // Jeans, Old Navy // Sneakers, Keds

This week, I'm taking my first stab at styling a shoot for Footwear Plus. I've been running all over the city picking up samples, which has been a little tiring but great for my step count (12,000 yesterday). Monday, I was a little early for an appointment so I decided to walk there via the High Line and snapped these photos. It was the perfect opportunity to take the scenic route on a beautiful fall day, and I even spotted Dean Winters—the actor from SVU and the Allstate "mayhem" commercials. As a huge Law & Order fan (no, not the kind Trump is talking about), this was a pretty exciting moment (as in, me creepily eyeing him as he pretended not to notice). Thanks, Dean.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Date Night

Head to Toe: Top, TJ Maxx // Leggings, Bailey 44 // Heels, Clarks // Clutch, Nine West

Hip, hip, hooray for the weekend! It's finally feeling like fall this morning, and I can't lie that I'm sort of digging it. What else can you expect from a born-and-bred New Englander?

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite date-night looks. The folks at Adore Me prompted the question of what make's me feel most confident on a night out. I can't lie that it often starts with the right undergarments (just makes you feel prettier, right?), and I like a super-sublte peek at a lacy bra or cami, like how I styled this top. The most important factor is to be comfortable. Sean and I often go to concerts for date night, and it can be tricky to figure out how to dress—especially because in Williamsburg, venues can run the gamut from hipster basement to chic club. A heel always gives me a boost (literally), but it's got to be comfy for a night on my feet. These Clarks are a lifesaver. My last date night rule is to KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. Let's be honest, all of the Olsen Twin-esque layers of trendy accessories we love are for the benefit of other women. And P.S. Bring a clutch. No guy wants to carry your cell phone all night. What's your date night recipe?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Astro Chic

Head to Toe: Top, Derek Lam // Skirt, TJ Maxx // Mules, Nina // Bag, Juicy Couture (similar)

For those of you who caught my crappy Monday post, Tuesday didn't get much better. Monti (that little fluffy guy always making a guest appearance in my posts) has been sick, and I finally decided he needed a vet visit. Worrying about animals is awful, because they can't tell you what hurts, and my mind always travels to the worst. But, after an (expensive) appointment, we got good news, some meds and seem to be feeling much better. And with Mercury finally out of retrograde yesterday, I think we're all feeling a little more aligned with the universe. (Any other crazy Cosmos peeps in the house?) I know it seems silly to think astrology can really affect our lives, and even crazier to think it might apply to our pets, but I can't help but feel like things have been inexplicably out of whack lately. And maybe it's just good to think a change in the calendar is going to make it better. So here's to a new season, a new phase in the planets and a killer outfit for a fresh start.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Loose Ends

Head to Toe: Dress, Derek Lam // Jacket, L Train Vintage // Sandals, Ugg X Teva // Hat, Target / Bag, Rim 'N Roll

I really wanted to start this week on a good note and decided to stay positive despite the yucky weather this morning. Nothing like a cute hat to combat the rain, right? Well, after a treacherous walk to the subway, a gust of wind took my hat as I was doing down the steps, and I was helpless but to watch it land in a dirty puddle. Slightly defeated, I soldiered on—wet hat in tow—to the first of two trade shows I was covering today. By the time I got there, the hat was dried out and I put it back on (don't worry, the side that actually goes on my head didn't touch any questionable subway water). I ended up meeting a lot of cool people, scouting some fabulous shoes and got a ton of compliments on my look. Monday mojo, restored! But seriously, Tuesday, could you lay off a little? Thanks.
P.S. I missed a big blog-versary a few weeks back. Happy fifth birthday, New England Romance!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

'Tis The Season

Head to Toe: Top, Sammydress // Jeans, Old Navy // Sandals, Ugg x Teva // Bag, Zara // Hat, Steve Madden via Marshall's

Happy Sunday, fashionistas! Although today was pretty warm and muggy, I decided to make a weekend project of swapping out my wardrobe from summer to winter clothes. Even though it's always a little sad to pack away my bright sundresses, I love the feeling of pulling out items I haven't seen in months—they feel brand new! In the city, storage is especially tricky, and I was recently introduced to Makespace, a self-storage space that picks up your stuff and stores it for you. The bins under my bed are getting crowded, and options like this are seeming more and more attractive. Has anyone tried it or something similar?

In this awkward in-between climate, transitional pieces are particularly attractive, and I have to admit I am in love with these Ugg x Teva sandals. I think Refinery 29 said it best: "I know that these are objectively ugly, but they are ugly in a really aggressive way that brings them right back around to cool." Debatably cool and hands-down the most comfortable shoes I've even stepped foot in.
So long summer clothes!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Art School

Head to Toe: Dress, Opening Ceremony // Booties, Seychelles // Bag, Juicy Couture (similar)

Happy Friday, fashionistas! I decided to start mine early and take a personal day today. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself, amiright? This Lichtenstein-inspired dress was a hit and the perfect weight for one of the last hot days this week. I have to admit, I'm getting excited to start piling on some light layers, and my number one to-do of the day is to bake something pumpkin. #BasicAndProud

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trend Testing

Head to Toe: Dress and Jacket, Sammydress // Clutch, Juicy Couture // Sneakers, Puma

After a few days of—carefully—trapsing around in heels and platforms for fashion week, I was dying for sneakers. I liked the sporty combo with this Sammydress tunic and jacket (I'm obsessed with all the patches)...Have you a tried fast-fashion site like this before? I love all the trendy options, and the prices are super cheap, but shipping from overseas took a little over a week. Also, plan on washing your items before wearing—mine came with a slight bleach smell but were fine after a wash. Overall, I think it's a great option for trends you want to try out without a big financial commitment. Not to mention, I got quite a few compliments on the dress!
This post is sponsored by Sammydress, but all opinions are my own.