Monday, October 16, 2017

My Dream Closet Space

Living in NYC, one thing there isn't much of is closet space. When Sean and I moved into our Upper West Side apartment in May, I was sold by the fact that it had three sizable (by New York standards) closets! In our Brooklyn pad, I had to make due without one entirely, using a wardrobe and freestanding clothing rack. It was a tall order because, as you can imagine, I have a lot of clothes. This weekend, I went to visit friends in Connecticut, one of whom just bought a new house. I got the grand tour, which included her bedroom closet. It is, I kid you not, larger than my bedroom. Seriously, the closet envy is real. So when Arhaus tasked me with creating my dream closet, my head was dancing with visions.

The first thing my bedroom-sized closet would need is a big plush rug. Because bare feet in the morning need a soft, high pile. Then, lots of lighting and a giant mirror (hello selfies!). And of course, a stylish vanity and cute seating for tying those ever-tricky ghillie sandals. Last, a tall etagere—or several, depending on how big we're talking here—for displaying bags, shoes and jewelry. What does your dream closet look like?
Dream closet

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pumpkin Spice and Working Out in NYC

Head to Toe: Top, leggings and jacket, Beyond Yoga // Sandals, Teva

Does this outfit make me look like I work out?...Since moving to NYC, I've found it particularly difficult to exercise. And while living in an overly stimulating, non-stop stress environment like the city, exercise is probably more important than ever. It's also extremely expensive... For example, Crunch, which is one of the cheapest gyms around, will run you about $80 a month for a membership.

For a while, I was experimenting with Class Pass, a membership that allows you to take classes at a bunch of boutique gyms in the city, like Pure Barre, Row House and Flywheel. I definitely loved trying out new classes and having a really diverse workout regimen, but when traveling and fashion week ramped up, I found it difficult to get to even my five classes a month (sad, I know), and lost out on some cash.

Despite the swanky appeal of those kinds of classes (which full-price can run $30 to $45 a class), I always find myself falling back on Yoga To The People. It's a donation-based studio ($10 suggested) that offers yoga all over the city. I always leave feeling energized and refreshed, and there isn't the same pressure attached. Some days, I do every chataranga and feel it in my arms the next morning. Sometimes, I'm just in it for the savasana. I had Monday off for Columbus Day and got in an incredibly rewarding class.

But during the week, even getting to a studio can be daunting, between walking to the subway and hoping it's running on time. But, I know excuses never help and I should get regular exercise in for my mental and physical health. I'm considering trying the streaming at-home program, Daily Burn. If you use it, please comment and let me know your thoughts on it! Only thing is, then no one will see your cute workout outfit...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Vintage 1950s Basket Bag

Head to Toe: Hat, Zara // Sweater and jeans, Thrifted // Basket bag, Vintage // Socks, Marcmarcs // Sandals, Minnetonka

Last weekend, my mom came into the city to visit and for an exciting errand. As you may already know, she is a very talented seamstress (check out some examples of her work here, here and here). For her latest project, she is going to make my wedding dress! We chose a fabulous pattern and headed to the garment district to pick out some gorgeous fabric. So, I said yes to the dress!! It feels so extremely special to have her time and heart into it, and who else can say they got a custom, couture design? That's all I can say until the big reveal, but I cannot wait to see it come together.

After we finished our fabric expedition, we have a lovely Sunday walking around the Upper West Side doing some vintage shopping, farmers market sampling and people watching. I nabbed this '50s-era wicker bag for $30 at the Grand Bazaar. I couldn't ask for a better fall weekend, so I'm reveling in the memories on this rainy Monday.
Photos by my mom. Isn't she multitalented?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Genuine Spark Plugs

Head to Toe: T-shirt, hand-me-down // Jeans, Siwy Denim // Flats, Taryn Rose // Bag, Michael Kors (via TJ Maxx) // Sweater, Thrifted

The first thing I did when I saw Harley Davidson T-shirts cropping up among the blogger crowd was text my dad. An avid rider for the past 10-plus years, he's accumulated more Harley T-shirts than you can dream of, and he kindly passed on a few. I love the vintage look of this one as well as the classic orange, perfect for October.

Fun fact: My first job was working at a Harley Davidson dealership. I sold clothes, jackets and goggles and could tell you more about chaps than you ever wanted to know. Vroom vroom.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Very New York Engagement

Head to Toe: Dress, thrifted // Booties, J Shoes // Scarf, Lilysilk // Bracelets, The Paris Bracelet

I am super excited to share Sean and my engagement photos! A friend and very talented photographer Trevett McCandliss took them in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and we got some seriously gorgeous golden hour lighting just as the sun was setting over the city. I kept the outfit neutral and let the focus be on us. Heeled booties, though not in many of the photos, turned out to be a great choice considering Sean is nearly a foot taller than me. It helped close the gap! Just looking at these makes me smile. I seriously cannot wait to marry this just over six months, eek!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fashion Week Outtakes

Fashion Week has come and gone, but I wanted to share one last post with some snapshots I wasn't able to publish on the blog. You may recognize a few from my Insta stories, like my spotting of Paris and Nicky or time backstage at Bibhu Mohapatra and Marcel Ostertag. It was an awesome experience, but I'm happy to follow the European shows from my couch on Instagram!
Read my exclusive interview with Kristin Cavalarri at Accessories Mag!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pattern Mixing For Fall

Head to Toe: Dress, Kmart // Skirt, Thrifted // Booties, Seychelles // Flaca Jewelry // Beret, street vendor // Socks, Marcmarcs

I've always subscribed to the maxim that it's not how expensive something is, but how you wear it. And if you want proof of that, it's this outfit. This flannel tunic is from Kmart—I needed an impromptu change last year and snagged it on clearance across the street from my job for $10—and I always get compliments on it. So for fashion week, I figured why not go skirt-over-dress and pattern-on-pattern? Oddly enough, it all kind of worked. I got stopped by more street photographers wearing this than any other day, and I had to laugh and keep myself from saying, "Thanks, it's house of Kmart."