Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe

Head to Toe: Blouse, Free People via Rent the Runway // Jeans, 3x1 via Buffalo Exchange // Flats, Delman // Bag, Zara // Shades, street vendor

Another weekend and another Monday, fashionistas...But it was a great one. Sean and I had friends from Connecticut visiting, so we had dinner and drinks Saturday and Sunday brunch—my favorite pastime. I was so pleased with this outfit that I wore it all weekend long, because, why waste a good thing?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Slithery Chic

Head to Toe: Top, Zara // Jeans, Hollister via Continuations Consignments // Ballet Flats, Delman // Jacket, Topshop via Thredup

Happy Friday, fashionistas! I'm so thrilled for a few days to unwind after a busy week. I have to say, one of the highlights of my weekday wardrobe is these snake-print flats. They have a way of making any outfit, like this jeans and jacket combo, way more elegant. I tested the theory the other day with leggings, and though I didn't take photos, it definitely holds water. Still, I'm pretty stoked for two days of weekend sneakers. Cheers!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brighter Days

Head to Toe: Top, Zara // Jacket, Alice and Olivia (thrifted) // Jeans, Rachel Roy via Thredup // Boots, Musse & Cloud // Necklace, Buffalo Exchange // Shades, Vendor

This past weekend, Sean's family was up for a visit, and there happened to be a big street festival in our neighborhood. Besides spending a lovely afternoon in the sun, I was able to snag these sunnies for $5. I know they cover up my whole face, but that's not a bad thing on a tired Monday morning. TGI(almost) Friday.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Walking Tall

Head to Toe: Top, thrifted // Pants, vintage Saks // Platforms, Musse & Cloud

Sunday nights, I have a tendency to fall into an anxiety-ridden state of worrying about the week to come. Then, Monday happens despite my protests, and I realize I'll accomplish what needs to be done, one thing at a time. Working in publishing is full of deadlines and time-sensitive tasks, which can be daunting. Today, I got right to it (with the help of a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks) and completed a long feature that's been on my to-do list. I even wrapped things up early enough to make it to a multi-lates class at my gym. (It's Pilates + meditation and ends with a face mask, very NYC, I know.) If today can set the tone for the week, I think I'll be okay. And if that fails, I'll have to let my outfit do the talking...This '60s boho vibe is exactly the image I want to project: laid back yet put together. Fake it 'till ya make it, amiright?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photo Diary: Mother's Day Weekend in Brooklyn

 Head to Toe: Sweater, Zara // Blouse, Thrifted // Jeans, 341 via Buffalo Exchange // Sneakers, Puma

My horoscope Friday said I should surround myself with nurturing figures for the weekend. Fortunately, my mom and aunt were due to visit from out of town, so that was already in motion! Saturday was filled with some of my favorite things to do in Williamsburg. We migrated from brunch at Harefield Road (which has the best all-inclusive brunch deal in town for $14) to my favorite thrift destination, L Train Vintage. I bought some cut-off Levi's shorts and opted out of the one-piece '80s gem below—should I go back for it? After working off our eggs and bloody Mary's with shopping, we headed to Smorgasburg, a massive outdoor food festival on the East River. Paying mind to the essential food groups, we shared Dough Donuts and Home Frite fries, which came in a handy sauce-wielding container. To add a little culture to the grub-filled afternoon, we visited the City Reliquary, a quirky museum filled with New York–themed knick-knacks, artwork and historical relics. Sunday, the sun was out in full force (finally!) so we packed up Monti for a picnic lunch in Prospect Park. It was the most splendid visit with my favorite people. What else can a girl ask for?
Mom, thanks for being the best one I could ask for. Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainy Day Ready

Head to Toe: Top, Zara // Jacket, Wilson's (hand-me-down) // Jeans, Old Navy // Sneakers, Converse // Hat, Target

I'm not sure when New York turned into Seattle, but this spring has been soggy. My new white sneakers, suede booties and fringy sandals are continuing to collect dust until the sun comes out. This floppy hat has become a daily staple for protecting my hair from the elements. Comfy shoes are also a must for dodging puddles, and I find short booties (or sneakers, if it isn't a downpour) are better than tall boots that are heavy and hard to walk in. I made do for a casual Friday but created my dream rainy day look below (because I have the feeling there may be many, many more to come), floppy hat included. A backpack instead of a purse frees up hands for your umbrella—extra points if it's as cute as this Kate Spade one. Stay dry, fashionistas! Or, splash around in the rain and sing "If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops," because Friday.
Rainy Days


Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's Do Brunch

Head to Toe: Jumper, Hunter Bell via Rent the Runway // Heels, Clarks // Shirt, TJ Maxx (similar) // Earrings, Nina

Happy Monday, fashionistas...We survived! I have to admit, I was fighting a serious case of the Monday blues this morning, especially since it was particularly dreary for the first week of May. After a productive workday checking off my to-do list, I'm feeling positive about the week ahead. Plus, I can't complain about work after such a beautiful Saturday. We went to brunch at Paradou in NYC's trendy Meatpacking district for a friend's birthday, and the afternoon was perfect. I wanted to wear something special for the event, so I rented this Hunter Bell jumper via Rent the Runway for $30. I knew it might be chilly so I chose long pants, but the white color and cut-out silhouette kept it springlike. Two sizes were delivered right to my doorstep (the 2 fit perfectly) and came with a prepaid UPS return label. So easy! I'm seriously pondering subscribing to the unlimited program—because sometimes a girl just feels better in designer, amiright?
With the guy (left) and the birthday girl (right)